Lassila estate - traditional accommodation

Lassila estate has provided accommodation to visitors in eastern Ähtäri for almost 30 years. It was started by Veikko and Sylvi Lassila, grandparents of the estate's current host Eero-Pekka Lassila. In the beginning agro-tourism wasn't that common, and the Lassila estate was first of its kind in Ähtäri.

The main estate has stayed the same, but quite a few things have changed during the years. At first visitors were accommodated in the main building and in two lakeside villas, but nowadays the main building is not used anymore and the number of villas is already three. Lassila estate still has the spirit of a traditional farm: estate's cowhouse is located only a few kilometers from the main building of the estate.

Hohde rakennusvaiheessa

The Lassila estate now is a charming combination of modern conveniences and the spirit of the good old days. Villas are modern, but surrounded by beautiful nature. The nearby area offers great opportunities for an active vacationer: the surroudings offer great possibilities for jogging, the lake calls for fishing, during the winter the ski trail goes right past the main building of the estate and during the autumn it's possible to pick berries or mushrooms in the forests nearby. The estate has a boat that can be borrowed when wanted. Neighbouring the estate there's a riding stable, and Vuorenmaa Ski Resort, located in Soini, is only around 35 kilometers away. 

For most of the visitors relaxing is the main activity of the vacation, and that is possible with us any time of the year! The lake, villas and the saunas offer a genuine Finnish idyll for anyone!